Athlete Testimonials

Kelly has taken my triathlon training to the next level! I had been part of group training, and as a runner I have had a lot of coaching over the years, but having Kelly coach me has been a whole new experience! She is knowledgeable and supportive, tailors my workouts and training cycle to me, listens to me, asks probing questions, all the while maintaining a sense of humor – the whole works. At this point, several months in, I am more fit than I have ever been and having more fun too. She’s the best!


Highland Park, IL
Training for my first triathlon with Kelly has been a positive and motivating experience! She has been great at keeping the workouts fun and fresh, and has adjusted to my plan throughout the year for races picked up or cancelled along the way. Kelly also adjusted my schedule down to keep me active and engaged when I needed to take a step back – she is amazing at meeting me at my level, and has been supportive through it all.


Chicago, IL
Kelly is everything I looked for in a trainer/coach – patient, knowledgeable, understanding, and encouraging. She has helped me not only attain my personal strength goals (finally got that push-up, girl!), but also helped me form healthy habits and lifestyle changes. Kelly met me where I was at in my learning and fitness and pushed me to go further. If I took a misstep in my plan, she never judged me, but was supportive and reassured me that I’m human and change takes time – something not all coaches/trainers do well in my experience. Lastly, Kelly’s knowledge and expertise helped me achieve my strength goals which led to reduced neck and hip pain with significantly improved stability!! Kelly truly is wonderful!


Cleveland, OH
I am an active person but I came to Kelly to help me become more consistent and intentional about working out. I’m so glad I did! I have really enjoyed working with her, especially during this time of uncertainty. She is knowledgeable, flexible, and quickly implements modifications to workouts in response to my feedback. I said I wanted more cardio so she added jumping rope (such a good workout!). I communicated that I really wasn’t feeling like running so she modified my runs to intervals. Kelly has created attainable and creative strengthening exercises for me that fit my schedule and in my living room. I also am pushing myself harder, with her workout plans, then I would have on my own. That makes me feel good physically and mentally. I would absolutely recommend working with Kelly!


Chicago, IL
Kelly has been a huge help with my chronic sciatic pain. I didn’t want to give up running and, with her guidance, I haven’t had to! By following her specific warm-up and cool-down plans, rest day stretching, and variation in activity level, all tailored to me personally, my pain has virtually disappeared. Very grateful for Kelly’s expertise and patient listening– can’t recommend her enough!


Chicago, IL
Hello all athletes!  Just wanted to say thank-you to Coach Kelly Dues! She helped me, an older athlete, who went through a tremendous personal difficulty, get me confidence back. I signed up to do the 2020 Chicago Marathon, canceled due to Covid. I was terrified of the really long runs in the heat. Kelly stuck with me and encouraged me all the way. I was able to complete this marathon, on my bucket list for about 20 years, due to her encouragement and great workout plans. I was lacking in strength training, and Kelly gave me amazing plans! I am so thankful for her guidance. You can’t go wrong with Kelly! She is amazing. Thank-you Kelly!


Kelly is fantastic! She helped me train and complete my first ever 70.3. I could not have done it without her. I had about a million questions and she answered them all. I felt the workouts were tailored to me and my fitness level/progress without being too easy or overly complicated. I really struggled with my nutrition and hydration (my training was in the summer in Arizona) and she worked with me diligently until we finally got it right. She is friendly and funny and easy to talk to. She answers emails quickly and does a great job being supportive and encouraging. I am so glad Kelly was my coach and I can’t wait to work with her again!