Behavior Change Coaching for
ALL athletes at ALL levels.

Coached fitness offers a structured plan, by truly getting to know you: understanding  what you need to grow and thrive, encouraging when you need extra motivation, cheering when you feel your best, and supporting when you feel your worst. Together we will create positive and lasting changes in your fitness, and your life.

I believe that no fitness program can truly be successful without complete buy-in from the participant, and I understand that the kind of full commitment required takes some motivating…. and coordinating! I create personalized goals for all athletes centered on ability and availability for training, ensuring you have a plan that truly works for you and your busy life by working with your current schedule to tailor a program specific to your needs and goals. I always start my coaching with a full assessment of all strengths and weaknesses (physical, psychological, and time-constraints), and ensure my coaching is done in a systematic and responsive manner to prevent injury and promote adherence. Together we progress through any strength training at an appropriate pace, promoting gains that balance your general fitness, running, or triathlon program.  

I am extremely responsive, and quickly address questions, concerns, and struggles. When you feel overwhelmed or like giving up, that’s where I step in, working with you on understanding what motivates you, what keeps you committed, and what helps you build the self-efficacy needed to accomplish your goals, and cross any finish line, no matter what your starting point looks like. Coaching is so much beyond just writing a plan. Coaching is a collaboration between the athlete and coach; together we create Team YOU. 


My background in the science of behavior change paired with my knowledge as a certified personal trainer and Ironman triathlon coach enables me to create customized goals and a plan that works for you. My experience with a diverse array of athletes allows me to deliver my programs with accessibility in mind.


Progress Tracking and Feedback

Your plan will be delivered weekly via the Final Surge training platform(web-based and app), where you will sync your favorite fitness app(Strava, Apple/Android/Garmin/Fitbit to automatically upload your workouts(when applicable). You’ll also be able to enter specific questions and feedback. Once your workouts are completed/uploaded I can review your progress, offer responsive and constructive guidance, and respond to your questions/comments.

Recognizable Results

If sticking to a fitness routine or pushing yourself within your current one has been a struggle for you in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Together we’ll create a formula that delivers results through positive reinforcement, habit tracking, environmental modifications, and behavioral momentum. I’ll be there to meet you where you are, and find a balance between an extra push or a helping hand.

Goal Setting

We will set SMART goals, (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timed). This allows us to set outcomes you can reach. From there I create plans to help you reach each goal, monitor progress by collecting your workout data, share your achievements with you, and celebrate your accomplishments. 

Achievable Outcomes

I create and organize custom plans that fit your schedule and environmental barriers to fitness. Individualized coaching helps you  tackle the hard days with achievable targets, building confidence to achieve your goals and dreams.